About Us

FHM is an international name renowned for its Bold (yet on Day to Day) Lifestyle content. FHM India has taken the international license to operate and sell FHM brand in India. Looking at FHM India magazine popularity in India and our continues endeavour to get close to our readers and fans we thought to give it a try and start an online Apparel & Merchandise store which has the design that speaks about FHM and its content, a brand which is Bold yet has a cool daily casual wear attitude. 

Our readers are our first priority as they are our customers and soon we can get more readers as new people who will be our customer will be our readers as well. With an hands on experience of serving content to 5,00,000+ readers every month, we are very optimistic that we will also be able to justify our job in FHM Apparel & Merchandise business. 

Our cover celebrity during the shoot select the design they like most and also want their fans to wear them. The idea is to provide what your favourite celebrity likes and being a fan we know you will definitely like to go One step further, to win exclusive personalized autographed FHM T-Shirt click here.